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Oneware offers research and guidance to viable innovative information technology and engineering solutions, based on business needs to generate growth.

Our Services

Requirements elicitation, planning, execution,
implementation and deployment of your projects.


Sketch and plan with us your next innovative tech solution with our UX/UI experts.


Research the right products and technologies that fit your business needs.


Create the custom app for your business needs or upgrade your solutions to keep them competitive.


Lease solutions of IT assets to scale your demand and growth your business.


Get expert advice and PRD with our business analysis services to control risks and make your IT projects viable.


Get the professional auditing feedback with our ISO9001 quality management system services.

About Our Company

- We strive to personalize our customers needs.

- We manage any impediment in the development of your projects.

- We offer resources and stable alternatives with competitive prices.

- We present solutions that allow you to leverage the core of your business with significant savings of time and money.

- Customer Support 24/7.

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Our Commitment

Managing the application of engineering to the different productive activities of the company.

Transforming the ideas and needs of the client into integral and profitable solutions.

Delivering quality service, stability and profitability to our clients via our highly certified personnel.

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